Watchmaker’s apprentice:
A precision course for your career path

Apprenticeship as a watchmaker

Prerequisites for an apprenticeship: Higher education entrance qualification, advanced technical college entrance qualification, intermediate secondary education with good marks

Start, duration and remuneration

The watchmaker’s apprentice programme begins once a year and takes three years. Our training centre is located in Glashütte in the state of Saxony, which has a long tradition in the watchmaking trade. Your remuneration increases with each year of training. If available, you are assigned lodging in a shared residence for Wempe’s watchmaker trainees at no cost to you.

Theoretical training

The theoretical part of the apprenticeship is taught in cooperation with the renowned vocational training centre for watchmakers in Glashütte – we are very proud to offer this top-notch training opportunity. Theoretical phases are taught in blocks.
Examinations to complete the apprenticeship
1. Intermediate exam
2. Written and oral final exams
The final exams are taken at the Dresden Chamber of Trade.

Practical training

During your apprenticeship at the Wempe training centre, you become familiar with the premium Wempe watch collections, the technology behind them, and of course the various parts of a watch. An important element of the watchmaker’s training is repair work. We will teach you all the necessary steps, from repairing and servicing a wide range of watches and clocks, to maintaining and restoring clock casings and components. The associated administrative tasks and extended knowledge of Wempe’s own ERP programme are also key training content.

Unique additional practical opportunity

Your later professional life, for example employment in the retail sector, is another of our priorities. We therefore offer a training option you will not find anywhere else in the industry: You can work at a Wempe branch to practically apply and extend your skills even before you complete your training. You will assist in the servicing of watches and directly apply your learned craft.

Further education as part of the watchmaker’s apprenticeship

From the beginning, apprentices at the Wempe Academy benefit from our own comprehensive qualification options and learning programmes. Training and workshops are an everyday part of working life. In addition, you regularly have the chance to attend visits and workshops at various world-renowned watch manufacturers. After completing your apprenticeship, you can take advantage of valuable advanced training options for your continued career path. We assist you with a variety of cost-sharing and support options!

Successful completion: First-rate prospects and advancement opportunities

Only Wempe offers this wide range of prospects: After successfully completing your watchmaker’s apprenticeship, and depending on your personal prerequisites, you can work at Wempe’s own watch manufactory in Glashütte, the watch repair workshop in Glashütte or Hamburg, or as a service specialist in one of the many Wempe branches – even those abroad.

Unique at Wempe: Trainee programme for watchmakers

For this option, we have developed a one-year trainee programme, during which you undergo various advanced trainings in the watch repair workshop in Hamburg and various branches. Your remuneration during this year matches the starting salary of a qualified watchmaker. With supporting options offered at the Wempe Academy, you can continue training and qualify as a master watchmaker – and take external training and internships to become a specialist for international brands.