Moving with the times. For 135 years.

WEMPE is one of the most modern and innovative family companies in Europe and one of the
most important retail partners of major brands in the luxury sector. We have headquarters in
Hamburg, but are at home all over the world – always in the best locations: with a total of 32
branches and boutiques in Berlin, New York, London, Paris, Madrid and Vienna to name but a few.
And wherever we are, we have set the standard with uniquely personal service and impressive
expertise for more than 135 years – and, for many years, with the production of high-quality
watches and valuable jewellery, too.

Moving with the times is our tradition: because we help to shape them and always think big.
Because we are geared to the possible rather than just the necessary and establish the
prerequisites to make it happen, too. And because we not only believe in our own passion and
ability – but in equal measure in the talents of our employees, who we both support and
challenge. So they can achieve their potential and help shape our success together with us.