Respectful cooperation – priceless.

Whether you are a diamond in the rough or a polished professional - at Wempe, you are never just another employee but always an invaluable part of the team.
We help you get your bearings by providing individual initial training and a personal sponsor, who will assist you for the first few weeks and introduce you to your new responsibilities.
It is part of our culture to treat you with respect from the first day. You will be accepted quickly and recognised for your performance. We challenge and encourage you to think for yourself, join the discussion and get hands-on, and will support you every step of the way. It is how we ensure that the entire potential of different talents, experiences and competences is tapped – which is an instrumental contribution to our joint success.
Our employees are united by the “Wempe spirit”, a unique sense of community, which connects us despite, or perhaps because of, our decentralised company structure. The “Wempe spirit” is tangible: in our many team events or workshops and continued trainings.