The best thing about Wempe: 
The extraordinary moments of joy

You are fascinated by premium watches and exclusive jewellery, and by the idea of making people happy with your commitment? Then Wempe is the place for you.
Wempe offers its customers only the very best in all areas and segments – and that includes our sales consultants: With a superb education, thorough training, individual development and work assignments that match their strengths and interests, they bring our customers those extraordinary moments of joy.

What is more extravagant than our customers’ wishes? Your solutions!

Your solutions for sophisticated customer requests? Always one idea above the rest. Because as a sales consultant, you approach every challenge with expertise and above-average service orientation.
With a keen interest, enthusiasm and a love for working with people, our sales consultants fulfil every wish with professionalism, creativity, reliability and unparalleled commitment.
They acquire sound specialist and product expertise through practical experience, internal training and coaching programmes and external visits and training events.

Every task has one aim: our customers’ smiles

The focus of your work is service and customer-oriented sales, as well as support of your team – individually and according to your specific talents. You may be assigned to a wide range of work areas, such as product and marketing presentations, customer relationship management, merchandise management, as well as cashiering and purchasing. In every task and activity, you exemplify the typical Wempe aspiration: To sell those extraordinary moments of joy.

Prospects for lateral career moves

Working with a new perspective

You have talent, but have not yet been trained at Wempe?
Whether you want to start a second apprenticeship, a work-study programme or are already fully trained – Wempe offers virtually limitless opportunities for your lateral career move.
All you need are your talent and a passion for selling top-of-the-line watches and jewellery to highly selective individuals – always focusing on our special brand of customer service.
At every entry level, you benefit from our extraordinary know-how, and from our own Wempe Academy, where you can develop your abilities with our many learning, training and coaching programmes. We will provide valuable professional development options, internationally recognised qualifications and certificates, as well as unique external insights into the great brands of the industry.

Careers in sales

Individually successful, step by step: The Wempe career ladder

Wempe takes you further – you can count on that. Because the Wempe career ladder is an environment which allows you to develop individual standards and perspectives: We know your personal strengths and support you every step of the way with the individually tailored learning, training and coaching programmes of the Wempe Academy.
From the first day, you will benefit from Wempe’s own qualification modules, innovative learning programmes and professional training. You can acquire internationally recognized certificates and professional titles, and start you career with Wempe in the world’s great metropolitan cities.
Through committed educational development and professional specialisation, you can qualify, for example, as a sales professional, brand ambassador, department head watches/jewellery or jewellery expert – and as a high potential you can advance all the way to Wempe’s top management levels thanks to our many workshops and coaching programmes.

Challenges in sales

We present you with lots of challenges – to let you grow.

We always consider the possible, rather than just the necessary. This is what makes Wempe one of the industry’s leading jewellers and a successful family enterprise – and it should be your guiding principle as well.
You learn from a team that is recognised internationally for its high standards of service and expertise. Use it as your role model: Help make Wempe even more creative by contributing your thoughts, input and creativity. You are free to question, criticise and change. Moreover, you will be given valuable and unique learning and training opportunities to help you become an expert. And stay an expert.
You will work with strong personalities every day – become one of them. Support your colleagues and become an indispensable part of the team.

Wempe has been consistently growing and improving for four generations – join us, and grow and excel with us: personally and professionally.

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