CONTRIBUTION WRITTEN ON 02. February 2018 BY Elisabeth Gläser

Wempe & the State Watchmaker’s Competition

This year, the nationals of the practical performance competition (PLW) of the watchmaking trade takes place in Würzburg. Before that, the winners of the state competition were honoured by the Dresden Chamber of Trade. In total, our apprentice watchmakers took first through third place in Saxony.

We had been invited thanks to the excellent performance of Hanna Steffen. Another of our fully trained apprentice watchmakers who would also have taken the state title was unfortunately not permitted to participate in the PLW (Praktischer Leistungswettbewerb der Handwerksjugend or Profis leisten was) because of his age. I want to share with you the pictures and the certificate we received as the training company.

This is why Hanna represented us and the state of Saxony at the federal competition. She took fifth place. Unfortunately, we were not able to place among the top three apprentices this year. That’s a shame, but nevertheless, it is still a success that for four years in a row, the winner of the Saxony state competition has been one of our apprentices. It is one more affirmation for us to keep up the good work and a worthy conclusion to our efforts and commitment during this past year.

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