Opportunities for promotion


The Wempe career ladder: committed and talented employees on the way up

There is no easy way to the top of the pile at Wempe – you have to get your own career in gear. But there is the Wempe career ladder, which is simple to climb. All you need are passionate commitment and the ambition to never stop improving. We support you at every step with innovative and in some cases unique study, education and coaching concepts.

You are fully integrated into daily business from the very beginning: this allows you to quickly gain comprehensive insight and valuable experience in the individual departments. In addition, we offer Wempe-internal qualification modules during the apprenticeship phase, as well as strategic consulting and professional training sessions, e.g. on communication techniques and customer orientation. Young professionals can acquire recognised expert titles at the Wempe jewel academy – and also participate in specialist and master courses from major brands. As a service specialist or sales professional, you can then operate for Wempe worldwide. And if you qualify as a high-potential candidate, you can even reach the Wempe management level via numerous workshops and coaching sessions. In the process, we will always also support your personal development and the advancement of your own talents and strengths.