CONTRIBUTION WRITTEN ON 30. April 2019 BY Lisa Holstein

“Watchmaker? – That’s quite unusual!”

“Watchmaker? – That’s quite unusual!” – One of the comments I hear regularly when I talk about my chosen profession. Both in my family and among friends, my career as a watchmaker always provides lots of topics for discussion. The individual stages of my apprenticeship, my winning 1st Place in the national Chamber of Trade competition or my career start at the Rolex Boutique Berlin – topics I have already shared in my blog – are always met with keen interest.

But why did you choose to become a watchmaker?

Many customers compare watchmakers to doctors, and not only because we wear white lab coats. “Open watch surgery” is part of our daily business. The comparison perfectly illustrates the reason why I am so excited about my profession. Making a customer happy by bringing grandma’s heirloom, a wedding gift or reward for successful business back to life and making it shine again is what motivates me every day. Moreover, repairing a watch takes nearly as much concentration and manual dexterity as operating on a person. This combination of technology, craftsmanship and close customer contact is why watchmaking is my dream profession.

How is Wempe as an employer different from other watch manufacturers?

After an apprenticeship at Wempe, you have the choice of a career in the service/workshop area or in production. Even during my apprenticeship, I had the chance to explore both tracks during internships in different stores and departments to find out what suits me best. This very personal and individual support motivated me and spurred me to set ambitious goals for myself, such as winning the national competition. If you are interested, here you can read my report on taking part in the national completion:

How do others feel about my choice of a career in watchmaking?

“Extraordinary”, “interesting”, “rare” or “impressive” are common reactions to my chosen profession. In particular, working in a technical/craftsman’s profession as a woman is often considered usual. I often end up being the centre of attention at parties or family gatherings. Because even though my profession is rare, virtually everyone owns one or several watches or clocks, so everyone can relate.

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