Beitrag verfasst am 07. November 2016 von Alessandro Rizzo

The Sun of Africa

To hold the “Sun of Africa” in your hands once in a lifetime – impossible for most people, in reach for me!
Some weeks ago, Eva-Maria Leuschel, head of our diamond purchase department, invited me to view a unique yellow diamond. We travelled together to Antwerp to visit our most exclusive diamond dealer. The company is based in the city centre, in the diamond district. Seen from the street side, I miss the sparkle of a so-called diamond mecca. But behind the quite dull facades are hidden the most precious treasures of the world. Thanks to the longstanding relationship of the company Wempe with this dealer, Ms Leuschel and I were cordially welcomed like family members. As we were led through narrow corridors to a separate consultation room, I was getting more and more excited. Being myself a GIA-certified diamond expert, I felt to be at exactly the right place. In front of our eyes were the most beautiful diamonds in the world, kept in little envelopes.

Our diamond dealer made the tension rise even higher. He put on a white glove and took the 70-carat diamond out a little black box. This outstanding diamond is perfectly cut in pear shape and displays a sparkling and dancing play of light once it is retrieved from its box. The colour of a yellow diamond ranges from light yellow to canary yellow, the most precious and rarest variety of yellow diamonds. The GIA classifies this colour as fancy vivid yellow. And this is exactly the colour of this unique African diamond. When I was finally allowed to hold the diamond in my hand, it cut by breath. I literally had the “Sun of Africa” in my hand. The fascination it exerts inspired Ms Leuschel and me. We decided together to extend Wempe’s „Haute Joaillerie“ collection. You can find some of these exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces at our Munich branch on Maximilianstrasse.


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