Beitrag verfasst am 24. August 2015 von Madleine Bladt


… are simple, airy outfits combined with fantastic (gemstone) colours!

Bright colours suit summer fashion perfectly and add something special to any simple, and preferably airy, dress. My favourite colour, green, always has a big role to play.


I like to make use of a few wonderful gemstones to get it involved. I have also combined the colour with a modern interpretation of the pearl necklace, which I acquired last year during my summer stay with Wempe in Kampen on the island of Sylt. Green gemstones include tsavorites (in the Wempe Voyage ring), green agates (in a self-made bracelet), aventurines (in the earrings), emeralds, tourmalines and many more. But in particular peridots, with their various tones ranging from pastel pistachio to olive green, are the perfect accompaniment to tanned summer skin. It is not without good reason that they are the gemstone of the summer month of August. In nature, however, there are many other beautiful colours, from pink, yellow and orange to blue or brown. The list is endless.



Here you can see the aforementioned ring with green tsavorites, and in the next picture my collection of green accessories. That is my personal summer trend for 2015.