Beitrag verfasst am 25. July 2016 von Kathrin Buchmann

My summer trend 2016: blue – the new black

My personal favourite colour this year is navy blue. This colour is very versatile for it matches perfectly with a casual look and also cuts a good figure at official occasions. Since last autumn, shades of navy and night blue have dominated the advertising campaigns in the Vogue magazine besides the new pastel colours rose quartz and serenity. It goes without saying that the sapphire is the perfect match among all gemstones for this trend. That’s why I would like to present you this noble and wonderful gem in the following.

The name sapphire derives from the Greek term “sappheiros” and means blue. However, there are different theories where it originally got its name from because this gem was already known in many earlier cultures. One theory is that its name derives from Sanskrit in which it was called “shani“ meaning Saturn. In traditional Indian medicine the sapphire is still attributed nowadays to Saturn. There are as well many myths and legends about the sapphire. It is for example said that it has the power to calm down nerves, to strengthen willpower or to support its owner to put into practice his aims and wishes. The sapphire belongs to the corundum group. It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (after the diamond with a hardness of 10) and is thus one of the most hardest and precious gemstones.

Let us pass on to my favourite topic: jewellery. 😉

The only gemstones I don’t like are those that are hidden in a drawer. Jewellery has to be worn. After all, coloured stones are good for your mood.


On above pictures, you can see our new “Blu Light BY KIM” line:
The necklace consists of a slightly facetted beaded chain with Blu elements in the front part and a gorgeous brilliant-cut diamond in the middle. This combination of light and solid elements gives the necklace, in my opinion, an airy and modern character. And also the earrings of this collection are just great. You can hook in the long Blu elements on both sides or just on one side or only wear the diamond ear studs.


I combine these earrings with two sapphire rings: one in a beautiful pear shape and one in an oval cut.

I hope you are in the mood now for gemstones, jewellery, fashion and summer.

Yours, Kathrin

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