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Timeless technology, unmatched prospects

Careers: well-timed promotion opportunities

Wempe offers you diverse prospects for a career with perfect timing. In the watch service area, you can choose between our international branches or two of the largest and most modern repair workshops in Europe: Hamburg and Glashütte. Or, if you are more drawn to the production side, you could specialise in the manufacture of our watches.

With the Wempe academy, we offer you numerous and diverse training and education options from the word go, through which you can continually develop your abilities and acquire recognised expert titles. This is one of the things that makes a job as a watchmaker at Wempe so unique – as is the opportunity to qualify as a globally sought-after expert through long-term internships at leading luxury watch brands.

After completing your apprenticeship, you can get going straight away: train to become a master watchmaker with our support, or complete an exciting, specially developed trainee year to establish yourself as a service watchmaker with direct customer contact at one of our branches or brand boutiques.