Be happy

We support you in everything – that includes being happy

Become the person you want to be and show your personality in a self-confident, open way. Accept your weaknesses and allow others to benefit from your strengths. Accept the everyday and help shape the extraordinary. Be happy!

Because you can only approach real characters like your customers at Wempe on an equal footing if you are a happy person – and thus spread happiness. Here are eleven useful suggestions for you.

1. Take control of your own happiness
There is only one person who can take responsibility for your well-being. And that person is you

2. Smile
And you will immediately feel the change in your mood. This reflexive brightening up is part of a physiological reflex that is hard to avoid. Not internally depicting the changes in your own facial musculature is just as difficult as hiding your feelings on the outside.

3. Share your smile
The wonderful thing about this mirroring effect of the smile is that it also works on other people. That is just the way people are. Ignoring feelings is hard. Sharing them is easy. Make use of the social mirror effect by being wasteful. Every smile you pass on is an investment in the happiness of others, which is immediately paid back to you in full.

4. Embrace the everyday
It has to be said: much of life is not quite as exciting as we might like. But grumbling and moaning won’t help the situation. Quite the opposite: by not accepting the unpleasant side of life, you only increase your suffering. The longer you stare angrily at the bumper of the car in front in a traffic jam, the bigger the image of that bumper becomes in your head. What a horrible notion.

5. Pick your battles
Do not take on too much. But approach everything you do with full concentration, passion and attention.

6. Step by step
Most projects that fail do so due to mental or organisational confusion. If you are planning something big, break it down into stages that you can handle with clarity and without fear

7. Take detours
Not always, but regularly. Following new paths works the same way as the smile: they help us to see the world differently.

8. Have a clear out
Free yourself from the ballast of unnecessary things at least once a year. Enjoy the feeling of lightness.

9. Accept the absence of happiness
It is not possible to be happy all the time – even on a purely physical level, that would be too much to handle. Happiness is always a high point, followed, in the best case scenario, by cheerful serenity. Not bad either, right?

10. Visit your inner optician now and then
We see the world through the glasses of our experiences, values and principles. If these values are too sharp, the world becomes blurred. We reap what we see: change your mental lenses from time to time – perhaps by seeing the world through someone else’s eyes for a while?

11. Don’t always only look for the best
You can also improve what’s already good. In this way, you can work on your personal happiness every day.