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FAQ: initial answers to urgent questions

Do you still have questions about your application to Wempe? You are not the first – which is why
we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions, and, of course, the answers to

Are travel costs covered?

Unless otherwise arranged with your direct contact partner during the application process, we cover the costs of travel from your home town to the interview and back (total of a second-class train journey or equivalent plane ticket).

How up to date are the vacancies on the website?

As long as the advert is still on the website, the application process is considered ongoing. If you are uncertain whether you can still apply for a vacancy, feel free to contact us by telephone.

The right position is not currently free?

Then we will happily accept a speculative application. You can find the corresponding form here.

I am interested in different locations. How can I make that clear?

There is a ‘Flexible in location’ field in the application form. Click ‘Yes’ there and if required you can state your preferred locations in the letter of application. We will be happy to consider you for all possible Wempe locations.

Which formats are suitable for my online application?

We offer you the opportunity to have an existing CV scanned through our system. To do so, simply upload your complete application documents. The CV parser reads the CV individually and automatically fills in many of the provided fields. Please subsequently check your information and complete it where necessary.

You can either upload a complete application document or individual documents as attachments to your application. The following file formats are possible: Word (.doc, .docx), PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF. An individual document may not exceed 6 MB in size. Please do not upload any PDF or Word documents that are password-or write-protected.

How does the selection process at Wempe work?

Have you applied and are now curious as to what happens next and when you can expect a response? As a rule, our selection process looks like this:

Confirmation of receipt

If you applied via our online system, we immediately confirm receipt of your documents. If you applied by post, we ask you to be patient. We will register your application as soon as possible and send you confirmation of receipt. If you have not heard anything from us after a week, feel free to check with us by telephone at any time.

Examination of the documents

As a rule, we check your documents and take them into consideration for all vacancies that suit your qualifications and personal interests. Please understand that the procedure may therefore take somewhat longer.

Personal meeting

If we are impressed by your profile, we will want to get to know you better. Because we have different positions to fill, not every selection process is the same. In general, we conduct an initial telephone interview with applicants. This is followed by an interview in person. A trial workday may follow as the next step. This not only gives us the chance to get to know you better; you can also ask us questions and form an impression of us and your potential new place of work.

How can I find out about future vacancies?

You can subscribe to our positions vacant by email. If suitable positions become available, the job alert informs you automatically.

Is it possible to do a placement?

In principle, it is possible to do a study placement in some departments at the headquarters or a trial placement in Sales. You should plan in at least three months for the placement. As we exclusively offer full-time placements, they must take place during a semester break or as part of a practical semester. You are welcome to look for current vacancies when searching for a job or send us a speculative application.