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A handful of serenity

My summer trend 2016: Serenity and Rose Quartz

This summer, it’s all about serenity. Not only as emotional state, but also as the new trend colour of the year.
This cool shade of light blue and a pastel pink called “rose quartz” have been selected as this year’s winners by the Pantone Color Institute. Thanks to their summery lightness and serenity every complexion will just be radiant. Combined with white or light grey, these shades are the perfect match for every day and go with a business attire or a casual outfit alike.


You see what I mean on the first photo:
Rolex already proofed last year at Baselworld 2015 that they have the right touch for trends. The Oyster Perpetual 39 mm (ref. 114300) has a grey dial with accents in light blue. It’s my very personal all-rounder.

I combine it with a ring from the “Transparency BY KIM” line on the middle finder. The ring is set with a milky aquamarine as centre stone and the ring shank is set with diamonds. As ring enhancer, I wear a “Blu BY KIM” diamond ring.

On the ring finger, you can see my absolute favourite ring – “Colonna BY KIM”.
The aquamarines are perfectly staged in their white gold settings. The 4-carat centre stone is a real eye-catcher. It is accompanied by baguette-cut aquamarines and of course diamonds.

On the little finger, I wear another combination consisting of a diamond ring, in the shape of the symbol of infinity from the “Endless BY KIM” line and a blue topaz ring from the “Blu Candy BY KIM” collection.

The aquamarine is part of the beryl group of gemstones. It symbolizes seawater and its colour ranges from delicate blue to sea-green. It is regarded as the protection stone of sailors.

The topaz, which belongs as well to the beryl group, distinguishes itself by its fresh and shiny azure blue colour without the slightest hint of green. It stands for happiness and radiates a girlish appeal.


Those who cannot acquire a taste for blue, just go for “rose quartz”.
How fitting that there is also a gemstone of the same name!
The rose quartz, as it name tells, belongs to the quartz group.
It stands for unconditional love. Its colour ranges from delicate pink to lavender.

On the picture below, you can see the “Blu BY KIM” ring, this time in a personal design set with pink tourmalines, combined with the “Endless BY KIM” ring. A good friend of mine wears the same ring on the thumb, however in the classic version with white diamonds.


I wish you a wonderful summer, full of serenity!

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